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Parveen Khandelwal
M.Sc Chemistry, B.Ed.

11 Year Experience of  IIT-JEE, PMT, IIT-JAM, KVPY, NTSE and various Olympiads Teaching

About Praveen Sir

Mr. Praveen Khandelwal, a well renowned name in education industry has achieved this stature through his remarkable journey. With 11 years of experience as a Chemistry facility, he bring in a unique combination of proven execution and teaching abilities in SOCh. His innovative teaching methodology has set new trends in the way CHEMISTRY is taught for various exam preparation. He is M.Sc. Chemisty from Rajiasthan University, JAIPUR


We have a very good team of experienced faculty members for coaching  the students in their studies for a course selected by them. Each faculty member impart quality training for the students which benifit them for their exposure and focus on theoretical issues with pragmatic applications in the science world.